Clay is a very special material to human beings.  It is formed over millions of years by the exposure of rock to pressure, heat, and water.  People take this raw material and through exposing it again to pressue, water, and heat, they are able contruct a dizzying array of ceramic products - everything from mugs to spacecraft parts.​

Pottery is an ancient art form of making ceramic wares that arose independently in nearly all human cultures.  It evolved to fullfill a basic functional need in the everyday life of those cultures - drinking, storing, eating, ceremony, and much more.

I have been making pottery ever since I first took a class in high school in 2002.  I think the thing that I find most rewarding about making pottery is the very unique and special interaction that the individual has with the piece of art - in that people engage with the piece physically and it serves a specific purpose in their everyday life.​  I make pottery that is intended to be used.  This is very important to me and my work.  Balance, weight, and feel are just as important as aesthetic, form and color.

In addition to making pottery I am also a pianist.  You can find recordings as well as transciptions I have done on my music page.  Information on upcoming shows will be posted on my events page.  

I hope you enjoy visiting my website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests!